We are committed to ensuring our ingredients are responsibly sourced to secure a stable, sustainable supply. We are committed to working with as many of our suppliers as possible for greater transparency and to improve safety, environmental, social and business integrity practices across the board.

Rising pressures on the environment have significant impacts on our supply chains. Our supply chains are complex, global and vulnerable to natural disasters, water scarcity and poor labour conditions in much of the world.

We are mitigating this risk by forging partnerships with our customers, looking at sustainable practises and working with suppliers to aid in their implementation of such practices.


Our objectives have been established to contribute towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

Sourcing UN SGDs




In setting our objectives we have focused on the following areas where we believe we can make the biggest impact:


 Our global purchasing team is responsible for buying fragrance ingredients. We must ensure continuous supply of materials, meeting our quality expectations, at competitive and consistent costs. Our buyers are essential to our ability to satisfy customer requirements, and as such must be able to adapt to rapidly changing environments and markets.

There is a growing demand for sustainable and ethically responsible products. We are identifying sustainable sources of raw materials, diversifying supply, collaborating with suppliers to sustainably farm natural materials and investigating sustainable synthetic alternatives. This makes CPL more resilient to change.

CPL are committed to working with suppliers who have strong business ethics, respect people and understand the need to preserve the environment.

Partnership lies at the heart of our approach and is the key to developing successful relationships with our suppliers. The road to responsible sourcing is a process of continuous improvement.


 Our Responsible Sourcing and Partnerships policy will form the basis by which we will assess suppliers for their commitment to sustainability. Through an assessment program, starting with key suppliers, we will evaluate our supply chains and drive compliance with defined standards in environmental protection, health & safety, social responsibility and business integrity. The requirements will apply to everyone in our supply chains. 


 We work in partnership with our suppliers and wherever possible encourage them to switch to greener methods of production, to make life safer for their employees and improve fairness and social responsibility. This helps to promote the creation of shared value for our customers, suppliers and all who participate in producing our raw materials.

This work continues, and the Purchasing team are working to generate more shared value with the farmers, to help us to protect our supply chain and ensure we meet the sustainable expectations of today’s consumer.



Our sustainability strategy is driven by our Purchasing teams, Green Teams and Senior Leadership who are working with our suppliers to forge long lasting partnerships. They also are key in the communication of our strategy at the local level.



To find out more information and to request a copy of our sustainability report, please email us at: