We foster creativity and innovation across CPL Aromas as a whole. A spirit of innovation runs through our company. Every employee, whatever their role, is encouraged to be creative, to invent, to challenge convention and solve the real-world issues faced by our clients.

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How we innovate

Our approach

We strive to meet demand, but innovate at the same time. This means we bring superior quality and unique solutions to our customers.

Totally unique

We’re always exploring new and unique creative possibilities – whether that’s brand new ingredients, or ways of making fragrances. Our creations are exclusive to our customers.

Always sustainable

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We want to help protect our planet and its people, so we create sustainable solutions that still convey beautiful, unique scents.


Our innovative technologies supply our creative teams with endless possibilities to meet our customer demands.

Behind the scenes we have an extensive team of specialists working on projects that offer a unique and exclusive product for our customers while aligning with our brand identity and the ingredients to which we commit. Our technologies extend the opportunities on our perfumer’s palette, opening the door to an exciting new world of creativity.

AromaCore Bio AromaCore Bio

Patented biodegradable fragrance encapsulation technology

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AromaFusion AromaFusion

Unlock a world of unique fragrance creation

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AromaGuard AromaGuard

The bespoke approach to reducing malodours

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AromaSpace AromaSpace

A blend between Headspace technology and the unique knowledge of CPL Aromas' perfumers

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AromaWellness AromaWellness

Fragrances with proven benefits

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EcoBoost EcoBoost

Sustainable value without compromising on performance

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InsectaGuard InsectaGuard

Insect repellent technology

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