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CPL Aromas is a world leading fragrance house. We singularly focus all of our creativity, innovation and energy into making fragrances and nothing else.

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CPL Aromas' responsibly-sourced Davana oil

CPL have added several materials to our growing list of responsible sourced ingredients – and the Indian Davana Oil is one of them.

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The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi coast – a beautiful land of lemons, umbrella pines, the glistening sea and the endless horizon.

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Catching the Z's

Preparing yourself and your surroundings is key, fragrance can play a big part in your steps towards a better sleep.

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Reflecting back and looking forward on CPL Aromas’ university engagement

Educating future generations of fragrance experts is at the core of what CPL Aromas do and supporting educational establishments is a key part of CPL’s sustainability efforts to change the world for good.

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A Q&A with Neom

Nicola Elliott, NEOM’s founder, spoke to CPL Aromas for the latest edition of Forecast, about what it means to be a brand that is committed to using 100% natural materials.

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