Thanks to the millions of smell receptors in a human nose, most of us can distinguish at least one trillion scents. Many of these are likely to be unpleasant malodours. When we smell a malodour, we’re not smelling a single scent but hundreds of component odour molecules mixed together to make up a unique odour.

AromaGuard is an impressive malodour counteractant technology. By matching a specific malodour, it can reduce human perception of that odour and replace it with a desired fragrance.

This innovative, completely bespoke technology can be used across unlimited applications, from personal care and household products to industrial and institutional settings.

At CPL Aromas we’re constantly evolving AromaGuard so that it continues to answer the ever-changing needs of today’s – and tomorrow’s – consumer.

AromaGuard technology enables our perfumers to create fragrances for optimum counteractancy against malodours, extensive testing and computer programming tells us which materials and combinations are most effective, allowing us to provide competitive solutions to various bad smells.

- Senior Perfumer, Tim Gage

Every odour, pleasant or unpleasant, is different, thanks to all the different molecules involved. Before we can create an AromaGuard product to counteract a malodour we must recreate the bad odour; only when we understand what makes up the malodour can we design a product to reduce it. 

Unlike fragrances that simply overpower and mask an odour, AromaGuard works with the odour to counter it, changing the brain’s perception of what the nose is smelling. AromaGuard makes bad odours seem pleasant by neutralising the active malodour molecules and replacing them with a pleasant fragrance. 

The results are truly impressive: AromaGuard technology creates a 70% reduction in malodour perception.

AromaGuard is one example of how, at CPL Aromas, we take scientific thinking and apply it to real-world challenges. 

We use the latest equipment and techniques to analyse the molecular makeup of malodours and how fragrances act upon them. By understanding how the two interact and how AromaGuard is neutralising the malodour (be it via chemical combination, physical combination or physical interference) we are able to optimise the fragrance formulation  to achieve the best possible performance of an AromaGuard product.

The potential applications for AromaGuard are truly limitless because its technology has the flexibility to answer our needs as our lives and lifestyles change. As a result, CPL Aromas is working with leading brands in the household, personal care and industrial cleaning and ventilation sectors to enhance environments for millions of people worldwide. 


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