When our perfumers blend a fragrance, they can call upon much more than natural and synthetic ingredients. They also have unique access to AromaFusion – an exclusive range of ‘captive’ ingredients, only available to our perfumers.

The unique materials in the AromaFusion range enable our perfumers to create the world’s finest perfumes. What’s more, these sumptuous fragrances cannot be precisely replicated.

Their formulation remains a closely guarded secret – and their value is thus protected and enhanced, as we do not sell our captive AromaFusion ingredients to other perfume brands.

We enjoy long and successful relationships with many of the world’s greatest fine fragrance brands and AromaFusion is part of this success.

AromaFusion ingredients offer a unique storytelling opportunity. To be truly and unapologetically unique is everything, both in fragrance and in life.

- Master Perfumer and Global Director of Perfumery, Christian Provenzano
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In the highly competitive fine fragrance industry, AromaFusion offers a selection of unrivalled benefits.

  • Enhances choice and creativity, extending the fragrance palette of CPL Aromas perfumers and unlocking creative possibilities
  • Protects a fragrance’s value by using unique, undistinguishable ingredients, which cannot be precisely replicated
  • Provides flexibility and versatility because the ingredients are suitable for a variety of product applications
  • Delivers exclusivity, because the range of ingredients is unique to CPL Aromas

The AromaFusion process was developed by CPL Aromas experts and is unique to us. 

In a complex molecular distillation process, high-quality raw materials are combined to create completely new captive ingredients. These are exclusively available to CPL Aromas perfumers who use them to create entirely unique perfume formulations that cannot be recreated anywhere else.

Serious about exclusivity 

CPL Aromas is the world’s largest fragrance-only fragrance house. We know how all-important exclusivity is across applications, especially in fine fragrance. That’s why we will often use AromaFusion to create a unique and unmatchable fragrance for a client, which they then use as a signature ingredient in every one of their fragrances. 

Integrity and trust 

We do not sell our captive AromaFusion ingredients to other perfume brands, nor do we create copies of the branded perfumes that we produce for clients. We enjoy long and successful relationships with many of the world’s greatest fine fragrance brands. They know we have their best interests at heart and that they can trust us entirely.

AromaFusion ingredients are used like any other fragrance ingredient but they have unique qualities exclusive to the AromaFusion palette. They can be blended with other notes to make a full, rounded fragrance, or they’re equally as beautiful used alone. The AromaFusion technology can be used across categories to enhance your products fragrance potential. Our expert team can collaborate with you, helping you pick the best, exclusive AromaFusion scent for your project.


Discover what happens when exclusivity, innovation and creativity combine. 

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