InsectaGuard presents a unique combination: a set of very pleasant fragrances which also are very effective insect repellents.

This is due to our proprietary EcoBoost technology, which allows for less use of fragrance and more of its natural active ingredient. The range works against a variety of insects including mosquitos, midges, sand-flies, ticks, and black flies.

InsectaGuard fragrances carry a much more universally acceptable odour profile than only using active ingredients. An additional benefit for our customers is that InsectaGuard means a single, manageable fragrance purchase instead of having to buy fragrance and repellent ingredients separately. They can also enjoy the peace of mind of working with CPL Aromas in terms of quality consistency and regulatory compliance.

We offer InsectaGuard in a range designed to appeal to markets around the world, to fulfil the need for an effective, natural yet pleasant insect-repellent fragrance for on-skin use.

A product which delivers powerful, natural insect repellence safely while carrying an agreeable smell is a winner.

- Global R&D Director, Tim Whiteley
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We have incorporated Citriodiol® into the CPL Aromas perfumers’ palette. This means we can offer you a ready-made fragranced InsectaGuard repellent product in one easy step! You simply buy one fragranced product from us instead of having to buy fragrance and repellent separately. 

InsectaGuard has these additional advantages:

  • All of the regulatory compliance details you expect from CPL Aromas 
  • The peace of mind that the Citriodiol® quality is the same from batch to batch, to ensure a consistent product

CPL Aromas’ InsectaGuard has been developed with a partner company called Citrefine, using their insect-repelling active material Citriodiol®. 

The main insect-repelling component of Citriodiol®, is PMD (p-menthane-3,8- diol), a naturally-sourced active ingredient, effective against a range of biting insects, nuisance insects and ticks. 

PMD is derived from the oil of the Eucalyptus Citriodora tree (also known as Corymbia Citriodora), which is a natural and renewable resource, grown in several parts of the world.


The combination of EcoBoost technologies and Citriodiol® active ingredient is uniquely InsectaGuard.

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Alex Blajan