We work together to respond and interpret the customer's request, the goal is to create a tailor-made perfume to satisfy and embody the idea the customer has in mind.

- Senior Perfumer, Oliver Maurel
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Innovation in action

We take innovative approaches and directions to solve the challenges of fragrance development that our clients face. This helps us create breakthrough products that have already revolutionised existing markets, and unlocked entirely new ones.

We encourage our employees to regularly take time away from their day-to-day work to explore ideas, enhance their talents, and break new ground.

Our approach creates inspiring results for clients – we’ve already seen this through our AromaFusion, EcoBoost and AromaGuard technology.

We never shy away from extreme challenges. Instead, we see them as something to embrace: an opportunity to learn, master new technologies, and help our clients reap the rewards.



The fragrance industry is fast moving, and we’re at the forefront of change.

Our innovative technologies supply our creative teams with endless possibilities to meet our customer demands.

Behind the scenes we have an extensive team of specialists working on projects that align with our brand identity and the ingredients we commit to, whilst also offering a unique and exclusive product for our customers. The CPL technologies extend the opportunities on our perfumer’s palette, opening the door to an exciting new world of creativity.


AromaFusion AromaFusion

Unlock a world of unique fragrance creation

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AromaGuard AromaGuard

The bespoke approach to reducing malodours

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AromaSpace AromaSpace

A blend between Headspace technology and the unique knowledge of CPL Aromas' perfumers

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EcoBoost EcoBoost

Sustainable value without compromising on performance

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InsectaGuard InsectaGuard

Insect repellent technology

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