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At CPL Aromas, we embrace our responsibility to protect our environment throughout every aspect of our business. Sustainability efforts embedded throughout strategy result in positive impact on business performance.

At CPL we are taking action. We are implementing ambitious objectives, aimed at minimising our environmental impact. We have assessed our activities, worldwide, to enable us to identify opportunities to limit our environmental impact.



Our objectives have been established to contribute towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):


Environment UN SGDs


To achieve our ambitious objectives, we have a strategic plan that sets targets for each year. Going forward we will be able to report on our progress allowing us to identify areas of improvement.



In setting our objectives we have focused on the following areas where we believe we can make the biggest impact:


Energy efficiency is vital to our commitment to sustainable business by significantly reducing our environmental impact as well as operating costs. Our strategy focuses on minimising energy use and increasing the amount of renewable energy that we purchase and produce ourselves.

Our manufacturing sites are our highest users of energy. CPL are investing in energy-saving and renewable energy generation technologies, such as LED lighting and solar power, in order to reduce our energy demand as well as our Greenhouse gas emissions.


 Water scarcity is becoming an increasingly important issue as the global demand grows, resulting in a risk to local communities and to business growth. We are therefore working toward a water management strategy to address these concerns.

Operational efficiencies, water-saving technologies and initiatives such as rainwater harvesting, are being investigated to further recycle and reuse water 


 The ultimate goal is to eliminate waste. Through operational efficiencies we can reduce the amount of waste we produce, recycling where possible to decrease landfill disposal and, where recycling is not possible, incineration for energy recapture and recovery.

A circular economy is vital for waste management, a restorative and regenerative economy in contrast to a “take-make-dispose” linear economy. Our ambitious objective of sending zero waste to landfill by 2030 benefits CPL, the wider society and environment. We are also encouraging our employees to reduce waste through reusing and recycling materials at home.




Our sustainability strategy is driven by our Environmental Managers, Green Teams and Senior Leadership who are working hard to reduce our emissions, waste, water and energy consumption across the globe. They are constantly looking for improvements such as energy saving technologies, operational efficiencies and clean energy generation and also are key in the communication of our strategy at the local level.



To find out more information and to request a copy of our sustainability report, please email us at: sustainability@cplaromas.com