We care for the environment. Sustainable practices are embedded across our business, empowering our employees to work responsibly and ethically. We are ISO14001 accredited in the UK and work to these same high standards across all of our sites globally. 

our commitment

We take steps to:

  • Produce our fragrances as close to their destination as possible, minimising transport emissions
  • Invest in sustainable sourcing
  • Ensure all emissions released from our sites are clean and non-intrusive
  • Establish highly efficient production processes to minimise waste and power usage
  • Investigate opportunities for using sustainable energy sources, such as solar power
  • Innovate to produce fragrances that can be used at significantly lower quantities, using our EcoBoost technology
  • Ensure we do not use any animal products in our fragrances, and will never test our products on animals


We are committed to supporting the local suppliers and communities that help CPL Aromas to produce the world’s finest fragrances. Investing in responsible sourcing is also crucial to the future of our business, and we source all the materials we use as ethically as possible. We aim to increase our participation in sustainable trade even further.