CPL Aromas set their sustainability goals last year with a global objective to move to 100% renewable electricity by 2030. CPL would like to keep our customers, contacts and wider audience informed on the latest update, ahead of the next sustainability report.

Last year the CPL factory in Dubai switched on their newly installed solar panels and the panels have been fully operational since August 2019. Since coming into operation, they account for around 52% of the site’s total electricity usage (this saw an increase in January and February to over 90% due to the solar panels generation being optimal in the cooler weather and the reduction in production due to the COVID-19 outbreak). The 52% of the electricity usage equates to around 515 MWh per year. This is a great saving of 146T CO2equivalent and 14% of CPL’s global electricity usage. 

In June 2019 Colombia started using their new solar panels, accounting for around 45% of the site’s total electricity usage, which equates to 150 MWh per year. A saving of 42T CO2e and 4% of CPL’s global electricity. 

CPL’s division in Spain sources 100% of their electricity, since February 2018, from Aura Energia, a sustainable electricity supplier whose energy is from natural sources. This accounts for 163 MWh per year and is a saving of 46T CO2e.

The CPL offices based in the UK have recently worked with their supplier and switched to a 100% renewable electricity source. This accounts for 86 MWh per year and saves 24T CO2e. 

The UK manufacturing site at Brixworth currently have 24% of their total electricity provided from renewable sources, however they are working with their suppliers and will make the switch to 100% renewable electricity by November 2020. This will account for 78% of the site’s total electricity usage which equates to 538MWh per year and a saving of 152T of CO2e per year and 14% of CPL’s global electricity usage. 

Emily Heron, head of sustainability at CPL said

All of our teams have been working hard over the last year to increase their use of renewable energy. It’s a smart choice for CPL as energy is a large contributor to our global GHG emissions and there are both environmental and financial benefits to these changes. As a result of these improvements, we are making significant progress towards our sustainability goals.

At the end of 2020, approximately 38% of CPL’s total electricity usage will be from renewable sources, saving over 400T CO2e and will significantly help towards reaching the global objective to move to 100% renewable electricity by 2030. Along with all these steps in the move to renewable electricity, CPL as a whole are looking at ways to improve the sustainability of the company and will release the next sustainability report in the upcoming weeks.

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