Health, safety and wellness of people and society is integral to our sustainability strategy. For society to flourish, all members must have their basic needs met and their human rights protected. This commitment goes far beyond our own business and includes all persons we work with across the globe.

We are committed to helping local communities, engaging our employees and providing an inspiring and supportive environment in which they can make a significant impact.

It is a key business objective to operate in a manner that protects the health & safety of our employees, contractors and visitors who come to site. We currently operate a Health & Safety Management System in line with OHSAS 18001. We are fully committed to a culture of inclusiveness and pride ourselves on reflecting societies and cultures in which we operate.


Our objectives have been established to contribute towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

People UN SGDs




In setting our objectives we have focused on the following areas where we believe we can make the biggest impact:



At CPL, we recognise that our success is centred around our people and their talent. It’s the passionate dedication, hard-work and creativity of our workforce that enables us to continue to deliver quality fragrances and exceptional customer service.

CPL want to become an Employer of Choice and we are investing in our HR framework. We want to create an environment within which our employees can experience job satisfaction and continuing professional development, in an environment whereby they can thrive and reach their full potential.


We are one global team where diversity and equal opportunity are important. We believe that by reflecting those societies and cultures in which we operate, our teams are strengthened and reflect the customers in the areas we serve. We provide opportunities for people from all backgrounds, gender, locations and ethnicities, without discrimination. 

As an international business, serving customers in over 100 countries around the globe we need the right people in the right location to represent our customers better. 

Our ethical and social accountability policy is written in line with the provisions of SA 8000 Social Accountability Standard, which is mandatory throughout the company.

As part of our commitment to become an employer of choice, we continue to develop a workforce of getting the right people in the right role and offer the same opportunities irrespective of background, gender, location or ethnicity.



The safety, health and wellbeing of our employees is of the highest importance. We operate a global Health & Safety Management Systems in line with OHSAS 18001 to help maintain a safe and healthy working environment. CPL Aromas is firmly committed to maintaining and improving all aspects of its health and safety performance.

Our leadership team show their commitment through our Senior Management Audits of Health & Safety. These are conducted yearly at each site, emphasising our commitment for Safety and ensuring our sites are meeting the expectations of the business.



We believe in sharing our resources with some of the most marginalised communities of the world. We commit a proportion of our profits every year to charitable initiatives, working on a range of projects that are committed to impacting society for the better.

We are longstanding partners with CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) and work with CAFOD’s inspiring teams on a variety of projects every year. We fund charitable initiatives that help the poorest and most vulnerable communities in the world – regardless of religion or culture.

CAFOD promotes long-term sustainable development, advocates economic justice and works to build peace. CAFOD works in partnership with local organisations on community projects, ensuring the context of the issue is thoroughly understood.

Engaging with the communities in which we operate is also vital in ensuring sustainable cities and communities. We are therefore committed to engaging our employees as the primary agents of change in their local communities. 

We have partnered to establish COFVI (The College of Fragrance for the Visually Impaired) in Mumbai, to provide employment opportunities to the visually impaired in India’s fragrance industry. CPL undertook substantial research together with the Blind Person Association (Mumbai), and were able to prove that the visually impaired have a heightened sense of smell compared with people with unimpaired vision. In India, this is helping to change the mindset of a marginalised community, showing them that, what may be perceived as a disability can in fact be a unique gift.

COFVI was established off the back of this research. The organisation is now committed to educating a new generation of visually impaired perfumers and is working with global fragrance powerhouses to challenge the lack of visually impaired employees in the industry.

We believe that the benefits of creating a culture in which everyone can thrive and positively impact the communities around us, far outweigh the costs. But we believe giving should be more than just financial. We dedicate time to supporting life-changing activities.



Our sustainability strategy is driven by our HR Representatives, Safety Managers, and Senior Leadership who are working hard to engage our employees in looking at ways to improve safety and are key in the communication of our strategy at the local level.



To find out more information and to request a copy of our sustainability report, please email us at: sustainability@cplaromas.com





Peru: Improving community access to and management of water resources in the Andes

CAFOD partner CEAS – the social arm of Peru’s Bishops Conference – supports the community of Cruz de Mayo, ensuring the community has secure and fair access to water resources.

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Kenya: Food security for those in extreme poverty

We are working with CAFOD and the Caritas Archdiocese of Mombasa to develop food security for the poorest and most vulnerable households in the sub-counties of Kisauni and Lungalunga.

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Israel: Promoting working rights for Arab women

Working with CAFOD and their local partner, WAC Ma’an, we are helping to provide a unique support system for Arab women facing poverty and discrimination in Israel.

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Nicaragua: Freeing adolescent girls from sexual exploitation

Since 2011 CPL Aromas has supported CAFOD and Mary Barreda’s important work empowering women and girls in Nicaragua.

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Nicaragua: Securing a future for vulnerable farming communities

We have been working alongside CAFOD since 2015 to provide training and support to over 120 families facing severe hardship in eight agricultural communities in Nicaragua.

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Cambodia: Developing communities for the indigenous population

We have been working with CAFOD and Development and Partnership in Action (DPA) on projects to improve the livelihoods of indigenous communities in Cambodia since 2014.

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London College of Fashion

Our relationship with this world-leading fashion institute explores the connections between the worlds of fashion and fragrance.

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COFVI, Mumbai

Our work with COFVI establishes employment opportunities for the visually impaired in India’s fragrance industry.

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The University of Plymouth

We are a longstanding partner to the University of Plymouth, one of the few educational institutions in the world to offer perfumery qualifications. The courses, delivered through the International Centre for Aroma Trades Studies are attained by Distance Learning and lead to an IFEAT Diploma in Aroma Trades Studies.