I love every part of the process! The scientist in me loves the challenge of formulating – finding the right materials at the right price – the aesthete in me loves the pure beauty of smelling creations.

Dominique Preyssas, Director of Perfumery in CPL Aromas France, is a renowned fine-fragrance perfumer that transitioned from a scientific background to pursue art and composition at ISIPCA. With a rich history at Roure Bertrand Dupont, Mane Fils, and Takassago, he joined CPL in 2003, crafting best-selling scents globally.​​

An active member of the Société Française des Parfumeurs, Dominique stays current with trends through travel. Beyond perfumery, he draws inspiration from tennis and golf. Passionate about the new generation of amber molecules, like ambrocenide and norlimbanol dextro. These powerful, long-lasting elements allow for diverse effects in niche fragrances, enhancing volume, strength, or providing a clear, super-modern amber, dry woody, or animal signature.​