I love my job, it is everything I’ve dreamt about for years

Elise was brought up in the north of France in Normandy, where the countryside and sea-coast inspired her love of smelling, always loving to smell the fresh sea breeze or earthy notes in the fields. Her love of fragrances expanded at the young age of 11 when she discovered the job of a perfumer, from that moment it has been her passion and career ambition.

In 2015 Elise graduated with a chemistry degree and went on to achieve a master’s degree at ISIPCA in Versailles. Whilst studying Elise took on an apprenticeship in a small company in the capital city, Paris, in the regulatory and creation team. The apprenticeship gave her valuable experience in formulation and complex regulations. 

In 2017 Elise joined CPL Aromas in the UK, and has worked in numerous departments gaining skills and broadening her knowledge, these have included stability and evaluation which are now helping her in her day to day work as a perfumer. 

Elise is now a Junior Perfumer who brings energy and enthusiasm to the team and her passion for fragrance never waivers. 

What is your process when it comes to creating a fragrance, is there a part you enjoy the most?
As a perfumer, when you receive a brief you start to imagine in your head how the fragrance will smell and the most exciting part for me is to smell my formula and see how I have created what I had in mind into a fragrance. Sometimes it could be what you expected, sometimes a nice surprise and unfortunately sometimes (not a lot though) not at all what you were expecting.

What feeling do you get when you see one of your creations on shelf?
I feel so proud and super excited. You can see (and smell) the hard work of the whole team.

Do you have any other passions outside of perfumery?
I like to travel, I have had the chance to travel a lot, to see many different cultures and this has helped provide me with a lot of ideas when it comes to creating a fragrance. I also like cooking which can be linked with fragrance and raw materials. Recently I discovered a passion for watercolour painting, I love it, it helps me to relax.

Do you have a method for applying fragrance?
I like to apply my fragrance on my neck and on my wrists and in a cloud above my head for my hair, this helps the scent release as you walk.

What ingredient do you enjoy using the most? why does it stand out to you?
I really like using ionone (violet notes) as it reminds me of the flower that I often smelt as a child. Orange flower, sandalwood and cedarwood notes are also among my favourites.