Nicaragua: Securing a future for vulnerable farming communities

Jinotega Nicaragua 3

Vegetable plots supported by the Diocese of Jinotega in Nicaragua

We have been working since 2015 with eight agricultural communities in Nicaragua to provide necessary training and support for over 120 families, empowering them to protect themselves against the effects of natural disasters and to earn a secure living. These communities are amongst the poorest in the country and have faced severe hardship, including a serious drought in 2015.

The project

This project aims to provide the urgent assistance they need to help recoup the losses to their harvest and to ensure that they can enjoy a more secure future in the years to come.

Organised by local charitable partner to CAFOD, Caritas Jinotega, the project will continue to thrive in the coming years, and will include activities to ensure that:

  • Communities living in the region are able to grow enough food to eat, particularly in adverse weather conditions
  • 120 families improve their nutrition through the diversification of food production in household gardens
  • The communities are less vulnerable to natural disasters
  • Local organisation are strengthened to identify and manage risks to the community
  • The communities improve their capability to generate income