As part of our unwavering commitment to supporting charitable initiatives, we helped establish COFVI (The College of Fragrance for the Visually Impaired ) in Mumbai to provide employment opportunities to the visually impaired in India’s fragrance industry.

COFVI Mumbai Dec 2015

Undertaking substantial research together with the Blind Person Association (Mumbai), we were able to prove that the visually impaired are more likely to have a heightened sense of smell than those with unimpaired vision. In India, this is helping to change the mindset of a marginalised community, showing them that what may be perceived as a disability can in fact be a unique gift.

COFVI was established off the back of this research. The organisation is now committed to educating a new generation of visually impaired perfumers, and is working with global fragrance powerhouses to challenge the lack of visually impaired employees in the industry.

Chanchal's story

CPL India's Trainee Evaluator Chanchal graduated from COFVI in September 2017.

"I found out about COFVI through the National Association for the Blind in Mumbai. I didn’t know about any school or institute providing such a unique degree. After coming across COFVI, I was very keen to enroll on the course and build a career out of my passion. In that respect, I feel grateful to have been part of COFVI. At present, I work as a trainee evaluator at CPL, and I would definitely like to continue in this industry.

The course is very well balanced, giving students exposure to the whole spectrum of the fragrance industry. I was also able to develop my soft skills alongside technical skills. In particular, I enjoyed studying the history of the fragrance industry.

I believe confidence is vital for every individual. My training at COFVI has done immense good to my confidence, and this is visible in my work. People around have always believed in me and I feel fortunate to have their support and guidance."