Pepper is known as the ‘King of Spices’ as it occupies the largest percentage of the spice trade in the international market. Sri Lankan pepper in particular is highly valued for its high content of piperine, the component in pepper responsible for its pungency.

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We source sustainable Sri Lankan black pepper from Plant Lipids, one of the largest producers of spice extracts, essential oils and natural food colourings in the world. Plant Lipids has eight manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka and India, with the headquarters in Cochin, India. Plant Lipids creates a sustainable supply chain by working closely with farmers, investing in long-term trade relationships, promoting sustainable farming practices, conserving the environment, and conducting rigorous vendor quality management.


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By giving farmers fair prices for raw materials and eliminating intermediaries in the supply chain, farmers are able to improve their livelihoods. Plant Lipids provide training modules and technical assistance, meaning farmers learn sustainable farming techniques and improve their output. This ensures that the product meets the expectations of the buyer, whilst also being fully traceable.

The environmental impact of growing all ingredients is carefully managed with water and soil resource conservation and protection. In the case of Black Pepper, Plant Lipids use living trees as support for the pepper vines, instead of concrete or wooden posts. These provide natural shade for the pepper, and contribute to soil fertility when they drop their leaves.

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Black pepper is one of the world's most frequently used spices. The pepper plant is an evergreen climbing vine, the fruits of which are known as peppercorns. In fragrance, black pepper provides a bracing quality, and is used frequently to give a stimulating heat and dry spice character to a fragrance, blending well with citrus notes as well as woodier tones. It is an especially important ingredient in men’s fragrances, shower gels and warming home fragrances.