At CPL Aromas we’re inspired by the stunning fragrances found in nature. Through innovative and scientific thinking, we have developed EcoBoost, a unique fragrance concentration technology. 

EcoBoost uses just 10% of the normal fragrance dosage with no compromise in strength or quality. Through this groundbreaking technology, clients across the fine fragrance, personal care and household fragrance markets worldwide are able to create enticing fragrances while drastically reducing their packaging, transport, energy and disposal costs.


Companies across the globe are recognising the power of EcoBoost to enable them to meet and exceed their sustainability goals while answering consumer demands for quality, innovation and performance.

We have already developed 1,000 EcoBoost fragrances, both in response to client needs, and to reflect wider trends within the market. We continue to work with clients to answer their challenges and break new ground in the evolution of fragrance.