Fragrance Trends

A Wistful Summer Solstice


Joey Pickthall


Summer Solstice is the time when spring and summer collide for the longest day of the year and the nation is encapsulated by an abundance of elegant surroundings.


In Latin, solstice means ‘‘sun standing still’’ which references how the sun is at its highest point in the sky on such a day. Spiritually, many ancient cultures held midsummer rituals and festivals dedicated to Summer Solstice, some of which are still ongoing today. The celebrations were a chance for like-minded individuals to come together, share experiences and indulge in the simplicities of life that summer can bring to us. Those that join the festivities share a desire for a sense of playfulness and the nourishment of fresh air with winter thoughts long behind them. 

 solstice 3

The day is a powerful reminder of humanity’s cosmic sense of unity and how people are inspired by coming together to celebrate the solstice. It is also said that Summer Solstice is the day where spiritual and physical energy are at their greatest, with the radiance of the Sun at full potential.

Wistful Summer is a trend inspired by the solstice and the kinship of those that gather to commemorate the day. It is a time when decorative hand-sewn patterns and motifs are overtly on display, telling stories of past generations. Intricate floral details are seen everywhere alongside hints of gingham fabric lining tables and women wearing linen dresses. Whimsical and floaty clothes are the normal around the summer season, but maxi dresses and puff sleeves form the bold shapes of this trend. 

A distinct and proud sense of femininity runs through the colour schemes of wistful summer. A timeless floral combination with a modern revival of a meadow glow. Specifically, yellow, blue and green all represent a cosmic consciousness of the changing of season. These hues are also represented in the crystals which play an important role in spiritual connection and to the solstice; gold, red and yellow crystals all hold similar properties as the sun, influencing creativity and heightening the senses.

lavender and bee 

A blend of the fragrance families is bought to the mind when imagining what the solstice must be to the nose – you can conjure up a dreamy walk through wild untamed flowers that appear when spring begins to transition into summer. Fruits appear on trees and grass becomes greener; allowing for an olfactive journey of ingredients such as; apricot blossom with sweet peachy nuances, elderflower that can add an earthy, floral-herbal aroma or lotus flower, bringing a beautiful floral note with aqueous qualities making a fragrance light and ethereal, perfect for a summer solstice evening. 


Wistful summer is set to be a big trend for Spring/Summer 2021, with consumers seeking nourishment and a sense of stillness with an elevated spirit. The trend lends itself to delicate and dreamy fragrances! Contact your local CPL representative to discover the amazing fragrances CPL perfumers can create to embody this upcoming trend.