Fragrance Trends

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee


Coffee is so engrained in our daily cultural routines that it’s hard to imagine a world in which it is not a beloved essential for so many millions.

Coffee is associated with luxury, intellect, and leisure. Its aroma is distinctive, familiar and comforting, but also bold and sophisticated. It is no surprise that the scent of coffee is popular in fragrance-making, as it gives an aura of boost and comfort at the same time.

CPL Aromas has developed a special Coffee Fragrance Collection, which includes 9 fragrances created by 5 of our top perfumers. To create it they drew inspiration from coffee preparations found in various countries and cultures around the world. 

The fragrances in this exclusive collection will transport you to Italy and their Mocaccino; to Colombia, with their café con leche; to Ethiopia and their Yirgacheffe. Other original creations in this set include Kyoto-style from Japan, Turkish coffee and Qahwah from Saudi Arabia. Last but not least, you can explore Indonesia with its Kopi Joss, Senegal with its Touba coffee and of course Spain with its Café Bombón.

Delicately crafted and made to satisfy, these fragrances feature all kinds of exotic ingredients used to prepare a cup of coffee – from roasted Coffee Beans to Oriental Spices, Caramel and Cocoa.

For more information on our Coffee Fragrance Collection, get in touch with your local CPL Aromas contact or via the Contact Us form in our website

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