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It is common knowledge that your sense of taste is heavily influenced by your sense of smell, so what happens when two experts from the fragrance world and the world of fine dining join forces in this first alliance of its kind?

In collaboration with culinary magazine FOUR and niche perfumery brand Boadicea The Victorious, CPL Aromas’ global director of perfumery Christian Provenzano worked with Michelin starred Chef Jason Atherton to create the premium perfume Vetiver Imperiale. 

“The idea came about from a chance meeting with Four Magazine in Dubai in late 2014” explains David Crisp, co-owner of Boadicea The Victorious. “We had placed an advert in the magazine, and found, by chance, that the CEOs of both businesses were in the UAE at the same time. So over coffee, and having a shared love of fragrances, a concept was worked on to create a series of fragrances with Michelin starred chefs around the world. Jason Atherton was the first partnership”. 


Christian Provenzano, CPL Aromas Global Director of Perfumery

Christian Provenzano and Jason Atherton are true creative talents. Christian, based in Dubai, has a reputation in the fragrance industry for creating original and highly successful award winning perfumes. Jason’s restaurant, Pollen Street social, gained a Michelin star during its opening year in 2011 and he has co-hosted the Sky Living TV series My Kitchen Rules. 

“Our first launch was to be close to home, so a London based chef was ideal. Through Four Magazine, we looked at their list of introductions they could make, and Jason was our first choice. Jason is currently one of the most high profile and in demand chefs, and our joint objectives were easily matched. It has turned out to be a winning strategy” says David, explaining how Jason came to be chosen. 

The new creation combines key culinary ingredients such as Cardamom, Pink Pepper and Rhubarb together with an intoxicating blend of Citrus and woody notes that skilfully showcase some of the common ingredients used in the world of perfumery and cooking. Evocative of sultry southern Italy in the peak of summer, Christian Provenzano created a deeply memorable scent, designed for a sophisticated wearer. Christian says the challenge was “to incorporate as many ‘culinary ingredients’ as possible, for example: three types of pink peppers, a touch of cardamom and rhubarb”. 

“Working on this project with Jason was really exciting as my great passion, aside from perfumery, is cooking, indeed if I had not followed perfumery as my chosen career I would certainly like to have become a chef. This collaboration shows just how closely linked the sense of smell and the sense of taste is as Jason and I were able to incorporate some of our favourite ingredients into the mix producing a genuinely innovative fragrance that can be appreciated by connoisseurs of gourmet food and premium fragrances alike” explains Christian. “There is a lot in common with a chef and a perfumer. We just both create to please our customers in a different way.” 

“this collaboration shows just how closely linked the senses are. We were able to incorporate some of our favourite ingredients into the mix producing a genuinely innovative fragrance” 

Reflecting on whether this is a new area that will continue to be explored within perfumery, David Crisp explains “Taste definitely has a very similar memory pattern to smell. Those in the know will recognise the signs. So there is a close similarity to fine dining to fine fragrance, and Boadicea the Victorious will be at the forefront of these developments”. 

The fragrance, currently on sale in Harrods, priced at £245 for a 100 ml bottle incorporates the new and unique CPL Aromas technology Aromafusion that allows CPL perfumers to introduce unique captive ingredients into its customers’ products ensuring the creation is genuinely original as the molecules within the formula are unknown in the fragrance industry. 

Boadicea the Victorious is a well know brand within the upper echelons of the perfume industry. Focusing on high quality perfumes stocked in exclusive locations, such as Harrods and Selfridges in London and Neiman Marcus in the US, the brand is the very definition of niche. 


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