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Tech scent: Olfactory ideas for the modern world


Carmen Daetz


The hottest scent technology shaping the future of the fragrance industry.

Scent Rhythm

Scent Rhythm is a timekeeping device that maps olfactory sequences to the body’s circadian cycle (natural body clock). 

The ‘watch’ administers fragrance associated with typical daily activities, such as chamomile and melatonin during sleep or espresso and caffeine during the awaken state. 

Le Laboratoire

Words cannot express every idea, so Parisienne innovation tank Le Laboratoire have created oPhone to explore communication through our sense of smell. They are aiming to make olfactory communication commonplace by transmitting odors much in the same way we send text messages. 

It’s a basic idea. Humans have long bonded over smells, both good and bad. It’s strange then, that no one has been able to channel scents into a more digestible form of communication. 

Their fingernail-sized cartridge (called the oChip) is installed in the oPhone, and via a bluetooth connected app called oTracks, scents can be sent to yourself or an oPhone carrying friend at the push of a button.


Japanese maker ChatPref has created the Scentee app and smartphone attachment which gives you a whiff of real-world scents and smells, emitting various scents such as Strawberry, Coconut, Apple, Cinnamon Roll, Coffee, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Lavender and flavor scent such as Curry. 

scentee phoneThe app provides an weight loss option to individuals who are seeking a different method to lose weight, this might be a switch from another boring fad diet. Whether or not it works remains to be seen. 

Scentee also is looking to venture into the gaming industry by potentially offering the smell of gunpowder while playing your favorite game app on your phone.

A few draw backs to the mechanism is that the scent cartridge needs to be switched in order to emit a different scent. And if you are texting a friend the scent of your morning coffee they might receive a wiff of strawberry instead if that is what is connected to their Scentee. 

Each cartridge costs around £3.15 and lasts for 100 puffs of scent. 


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