Fragrance Trends

Sensorial Olfaction: A multisensory exhibition


We recently had the chance to showcase our creative perfumery and fragrance technologies in a multi-sensory exhibition in Paris. /ku_ne/ – meaning together in Esperanto – was an immersive exhibition in Le Marais, Paris.

Designed by fragrance developers and perfumers of CPL, the gallery was transformed into a series of olfactive atmospheres (entitled Jungle, Futurism, Synesthesia and AromaFusion) created to enhance the experience of corresponding scents. With bespoke fragrances created in relation to this year’s trends, each structure contained and released scent in unexpected ways.

Guests were invited to take part in this voyage, smelling experimental accords in these various tactile universes. They were then offered the chance to develop a customised fragrance with renowned perfumers from CPL France and the global Fine Fragrance team. We staged for our visitors what it is to work with CPL – to work with some of the most experienced and talented perfumers in the industry, alongside a new generation of passionate young people in Marketing, Sales and Evaluation.


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Our captive ingredient technology Aromafusion brought a unique character to the whole process. The fragrances exhibited were surprising and conceptual, constructed around fantasy and ‘raw’ accords, of the kind that are used in niche fragrances. For example, one of the accords suggested the distinctive scent of hot electronics.

The growth of the niche segment of the fragrance market has created an ever-increasing appetite for a deeper understanding of ingredients and the science of how perfumes are made. In revealing more of the process behind fragrance making, and with a focus on the ‘juice’, niche brands also tap into the interest in the molecules that make contemporary perfumery possible.


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During the event, the creators of the exhibition received real-time feedback on the accords that were displayed, observing first-hand the reactions that these scents created - something that is not always possible for fragrance development teams.

In this highly competitive market, CPL Aromas combines an entrepreneurial spirit with an agile “boutique” approach, characterised by a highly personalised service whether creating for brands large or small.

Olivier du Boisbaudry, the General Manager for CPL Aromas France, said : “This extraordinary event has helped people understand the creative process of perfumery, placing CPL Aromas at the very heart of creativity in fine fragrance in France. Our workshop was a way of demonstrating what we do, igniting people’s imaginations by showing the art and the science of fragrance creation”.