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Reflecting back and looking forward on CPL Aromas’ university engagement


Emily Austin



CPL Aromas is a fragrance house known for its retention of staff. With regular internal celebrations for work anniversaries that reach all the way up to 35 years of service across multiple divisions and departments, it is clear that CPL is a great working environment to be a part of. 

Among the celebrations coming up is Katie Aldridge’s, a CPL UK staff member, who is about to celebrate her 10th year anniversary; however, her story is slightly different to other colleagues’. Studying cosmetic science at the London College of Fashion, Katie was given a list of companies that would be willing to take on placement students for her second year. Keeping local, she applied for CPL Aromas and was duly accepted. 

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 “I loved my placement year.  Everyone was so welcoming & friendly, it felt like a really close-knit family run business that genuinely cared for their staff”.Talking of the manor house that was, back then, the home of CPL UK, Katie added “Also, Barrington Hall was the workplace of dreams!” 


Only touching on a small part of perfumery at university, the placement gave Katie an insight into the industry and the background of fragrances which is when she discovered how much fragrance and cosmetics link! The placement year continued when CPL offered to help with her studies and the dissertation project she wanted to embark on. A Depilatory Malodour project was born, looking at raw materials and how they interact with the base and whether this could be counteracted. Since then, the project has helped CPL expand its AromaGuard technology on many depilatory sales, especially in the Middle East.

Building up friendships over her time spent at CPL, Katie found that the Analytical Department grabbed her attention - the blending of Chemistry and Maths with lots of problem solving was something she enjoyed. Leaving to finish university and graduate, Katie returned for a temporary role helping the Analytical Department build a library for their new GCMS (Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry). What was only meant to be a temporary role for a couple of months went on, and Katie is now a Senior GC Analyst celebrating her 10thyear at CPL Aromas since graduation.

“Who knows what the future could hold, I just want to be able to keep learning and enjoying what I do!”


We continue to support learning establishments and have an ongoing relationship with the London College of Fashion and also with the University of Sunderland, often delivering guest lectures or seminars to its students and future scientists. 

One such guest lecture at the University of Sunderland by Anne Connet, CPL’s Global Regulatory Manager, about the fragrance industry and the IFRA regulations caught Eva Trusilevic’s attention, and from that moment she knew she wanted to secure a placement at CPL.  

Since joining CPL in September 2019, Eva has gained experience working in the laboratory and that has equipped her with analytical skills, increasing her awareness to details and the skills involved in a working environment. 


“The time at CPL so far has enabled me to familiarize myself with the fragrance industry in such depth. It is fascinating to know how much work is needed in the preparation process for specific fragranced products to be on a retailer’s shelf and finally end up reaching a customer.”


This placement with CPL has provided Eva with a strong foundation on which she can build her future career on, and we wish her every success in whatever path she chooses to take. 

Educating future generations of fragrance experts is at the core of what CPL do and supporting educational establishments is a key part of CPL’s sustainability efforts to change the world for good.