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CPL Aromas' responsibly-sourced Davana oil


Emily Austin


In February 2020, CPL Aromas issued its Responsible Sourcing and Partnerships Policy, to build on our sustainability strategy and ensure our ingredients are responsibly sourced for a stable, sustainable supply. 


We are committed to working in partnership with our suppliers for greater transparency and to improve safety, environmental, social and business integrity practices across the board. You can read more about our Responsible Sourcing and Partnerships Policy here

CPL have added several materials to our growing list of responsible sourced ingredients – and the Indian Davana Oil is one of them. 

Found primarily in India, Davana is a shrub that has beautiful greenish silver leaves. It delivers a rich fruity note with herbaceous accords, liqueur-like facets and it adds warm woody undertones to a fragrance. 

‘Davana is an aromatic plant that I first discovered in a flower market in South India. I smelt its rich and warm ambery scent reminiscent of rum and dried fruits. I like to use it to bring a fruity and boozy twist to oriental fragrances.’

-       Romain Keller, CPL Perfumer

Davana is an intensively cultivated crop that is irrigated for around 100 days and harvested after 4 months of maturity. Being an extremely delicate material, harvesting has to be very precise so as not to damage the plant or the odour it produces.

Our supplier uses steam distillation to extract the essential Davana oil, as is traditional. As water vapour or steam separates the aromatic oil from the plant material, the fragrant constituents of the plant are captured and condensed. To produce 10 kg of essential oil, you would need to harvest around 1 hectare of the Davana plant. 

As part of our responsible sourcing policy, we ask suppliers to be mindful of the sustainable issues that can arise during manufacturing. Our supplier of Davana oil in India has received 11 awards for initiatives in Environmental Protection. They have been able to generate and use solar energy and wind energy, which has aided in a reduction in the energy consumption by 3% year-on-year and a reduction in steam used by 5% year-on-year. Climate action, sustainable communities and industry innovation are all at the top of this supplier’s agenda. 

 Supporting the local communities is also a big part of reaching a more sustainable status. Our Davana oil supplier creates social support for local families, providing social activities and a better education, as well as medical aid and introducing awareness programs to those who are in need. They work closely with farming communities, improving social development and ensuring a farm to fork traceability. Supporting the buy-back guarantee, fair price for produce and farmer support projects also adds to the results in improved livelihood for the farmers and their families, backing up a more sustainably circular economy. 

 Putting the distinctive and fragrant Davana oil into action, our team of creative perfumers are able to create more sustainable fragrances for our customers. Contact your local CPL representative for more information on using our responsibly sourced ingredients within your fragrances. 

davana image from supplier