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Life in Fragrance with Sam Pringle


Emily Austin


Sam Pringle is CPL Aromas’ Global Account Manager for Fine Fragrance, working alongside many of CPL’s creative teams he has a great understanding of what makes a great Fine Fragrance. 


Tell us what you do at CPL. 

My role encompasses a variety of responsibilities, from coordination of our Global Fine Fragrance Division, Key Account Management and New Business Development. This involves liaising with our Senior Creative Perfumers in the UK, Paris and Dubai to develop on-brand fine fragrances to match my customer’s brief, their market positioning and target consumer. 


What might a typical day be like?Sam profile 2

In a COVID-19 free-world, I would regularly be travelling to attend industry trade events or visiting customers to present new creations and market insights about the prestige or niche fragrance market. 

 I liaise with clients to understand their olfactive requirements, which I communicate to our creative team. I am lucky enough to discover unique fragrances every day, side-by-side with a perfumer.  

 In our dynamic industry it is important to keep as informed as possible, so I am frequently reading news articles and press releases. 


What do you like about working in the industry?

I never knew I wanted a career in fragrance! After completing my degree in Geography at Loughborough University in 2010 I made the quite unnatural step into the fragrance world. 


What I love most about this intimate, yet highly creative industry is the diversity of cultures my job enables me to experience. We work in a privileged position that enables us to know in advance which future products are launching, so you have the surreal feeling of living in the future and shaping it. 


What is your favourite fragrance and why?

With more than 2000 fine fragrances launching each year my favourite probably does not exist yet, but I have worn Dior Homme for many years. I love the powdery iris character enriched with leather and vetiver. My favourite home scent is Late Night Fig by Saint Fragrance London. 


What is your favourite smell?

I love the smell after rainfall on concrete on a warm day. There is something oddly comforting about it, and it reminds me of when I was young playing outside during a classic British Summer. 


You travel a lot for work. Where are your favourite places in the world?

I’ve been fortunate to experience many places travelling for work and personally. I love the hills of San Francisco, the pace of life in NYC and the uniqueness of Tokyo, a place I cannot wait to return to. For a beach escape, I’d love to go back to Sardinia for their crystal-clear water. Iceland is one place I would encourage anyone to visit at least once to experience its natural beauty. Closer to home, Southwold on the Suffolk coast makes for the perfect weekend getaway to re-energise. 


What do you think it means to be successful in the industry; what does it take?

You need to be dedicated and have a true passion for people, fragrance and raw materials. An expert nose is certainly useful but there are other creative avenues to explore in the industry where deciphering between Hedione and Iso E Super in a composition is not a prerequisite. 


No-one can be successful without their team and the bespoke relationships they form with clients. Every day brings new ideas and pressures, so you need to have an open mind, be dynamic and be willing to go the extra mile.


What are your hobbies outside of work?

Outside of work I try to remain healthy by running, going to the gym and playing (average) golf. Living close to London allows me to watch Tottenham play football and enjoy the vibrancy of the city, whilst also enabling us to escape to the countryside most weekends.