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Kashmir Fusion


Emily Austin


At CPL Aromas, the independent, family-owned fragrance house, we have a range of innovative and exciting technologies, one of which is AromaFusion – an exclusive range of ‘captive’ ingredients that are only available to our CPL perfumers. With access to the AromaFusion ingredients our expert perfumers are able to create the finest fragrances that cannot be replicated.

One of the many ingredients on CPL’s AromaFusion palette is Kashmir Fusion, a blend of musk and amber notes that can give a sweet and sensual aspect to precious wood accords. 

A luxury scent, Kashmir Fusion features notes of cedarwood, patchouli and sandalwood capturing a warm and woody amber silhouette with hints of sweetness, accords of soft autumn fruits and touches of spice. When Kashmir Fusion is added to a fragrance it adds sensuality, when combined with florals it oozes sophistication as well as working well with fruits, spices and woody notes to add depth and warmth.

Patricia Ruiz, a CPL Aromas Perfumer based in Spain says

“Kashmir Fusion is a beautiful warm, woody amber note. I use it to bring sophistication and elegance to woody and floral notes especially. I often replace cashmeran and amber accords in a formula with Kashmir Fusion to give the scent uniqueness and a CPL twist. I use It whenever I can, I love it.”


Other materials in the AromaFusion range include:

Damask Fusion – a delicate combination of the fresh, fruity top of the Damask essential oil and the warmth, opulent body of its absolute. This is a perfect combination based on natural and synthetic ingredients, mainly from the Rose family.

Pepper Fusion – pepper with a warm, woody depth and the diffusion of amber.  

Smoke Fusion - a tantalizing blend of cade and rich smoked precious woods, adding an oriental twist to fragrances. It creates a synergy between resins and woods and strengthens the character of musk. 

Citrus Fusion – a heady combination of aromatic grapefruit with previous woody and nutty characteristics. It enhances the depth of fragrances and adds a sparkling top note although the citrus note is retained right through to the base note. 

Incense Fusion – a tenacious fusion of natural, resinous amber notes with deep fruit and spice tones finished with contemporary amber tones imparting rich, leather characteristic to base notes. 

Orris Fusion – a blend of dry woods and cedarwood with orris and amber notes. This material lifts the whole fragrance, imparting a cost-effective natural orris accord and adding a sweet violet and fruit character. 

Oak Fusion – a complex fusion of cognac with sweet gourmand vanilla notes and a dry down of smoky cedar and oak – reminiscent of traditional oakmoss but with a sophisticated gourmand effect. 

To find out more about the AromaFusion range click here.

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