Fragrance Trends

Inner Peace


Emily Austin



We crave a feeling of serenity, where we can remain in a state of calm, surrounded by peaceful moments and an untroubled atmosphere. Sometimes our serene environment can be disrupted by unforeseen circumstances and unplanned events, this can lead to a feeling of discomfort. It is down to us as individuals to find our inner peace so we can find a moment of comfort when we most need it.


Consumers have lately focused on their mental wellbeing. This has given them access to more research and knowledge which promotes creating a balanced lifestyle for a healthier mind and body. It is increasingly becoming more acceptable and the ‘norm’ to take time and care when it comes to creating the ideal space around you. This has led to scents evolving to be functional as well as fragrant.


Inner Peace is the latest ‘mood’ created by using purifying scents - altering the mood with added benefits. A way to create a harmonious cocoon so we can emerge calmer and with a more serene mentality. Using the essential oils which are known to have antimicrobial properties, in fragrances across categories, can also enable you to achieve restorative effects for the mind, body and soul.Screen Shot 2020 08 26 at 14.25.29


Fragrances have the ability to alter a mood whilst the essential oils have added benefits. For example, citrus oils that have added antimicrobial properties can liven a fragrance and make it feel energising. Woods with these properties can add a touch of sensuality and depth to a scent, and florals such as lavender oil can create a range of relaxing aromas perfect for creating a peaceful environment. 


A “Quiet Simplicity” scent can be created with notes that are velvety and harmonious with hints of orange oil that are effective at inhibiting the growth of a range of bacteria. A “Serene Happiness” aroma can be crafted with accords that are wistful and lingering that are complimented by cedarwood oil, also known to be effective against bacteria.


CPL have created fragrances that capture the Inner Peace mood using essential oils, AromaFusion captive ingredients and the CPL Aromas EcoBoost technology, perfect for use as fine fragrances or to scent the home with candles and reed diffusers. 


Contact your local CPL representative to understand more about the Inner Peace Mood and the fragrances. Let’s create together.