Fragrance Trends



Emily Austin

At CPL Aromas, the family-owned fragrance house, we admit to loving ginger. Originating from South East Asia, ginger is a flowering plant whose root is used for spice and medicinal purposes all around the world. It is an ingredient that captures the attention of many, from a beautiful flower, to a smell that is invigorating and a taste that changes depending on what you cook it with. Ginger is a truly stimulating ingredient that is often lurking in the background, but here we put it in the spotlight.


The ginger plant has been around for centuries, it grows annually and produces false stems made of rolled up leaves, and stands at around a metre tall. The plant bears flowers that are pale yellow and purple that arise directly from the root, these flowers are striking and are often used for decoration around subtropical homes due to their ability to withstand warm climates. Although the flower is aesthetically pleasing, it is the ginger root that is more widely known and used.


The rhizome, more commonly known as the ginger root, is used in various forms of alternative medicine. Just to name a few, ginger is known to help digestion, reduce nausea and combat the common cold due to the high level of gingerol. Gingerol is the main bioactive compound within ginger root, and its properties have powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. In Eastern traditions a way to consume ginger for these benefits is by adding it to tea and to include the spice in everyday cooking.


From the moment you press enter on a keyboard when inputting ginger into a search engine, you will be inundated with articles regarding the benefits of ginger. The intriguing ingredient has been used throughout history for a wide variety of benefits, the focus in more recent times though, is its effects that aid with wellbeing. For many people ginger is a great way to add an uplifting and energising boost to their daily routine. There has been an increase in skin care products that note ginger as a key ingredient to soften and even the skin, ginger in shower products to energise and ease aches and pains, and in hair products as a ‘superfood’ for its many nutrient benefits that claim to help improve hair growth. 


This multifaceted character also supports fragrance creation as ginger is extremely versatile in fragrances, creating spicy and effervescent top notes, with facets of fresh citrus and pine like nuances but also a warming note that is often found comforting. A savoury as well as sweet note, ginger can be used across many different categories and formats and in different combinations to create a diverse range of scents. A scent that is fresh and light for a room spray, spicy and rich for a burning candle or even as a stand-alone ingredient it smells amazing in nearly every format. Ginger may seem like an unusual note to add to fragrances however it is surprisingly common because of its versatility.


Citrus aromas, vanillic or woody accents work well with ginger and combined make very different types of fragrances. Citrus and ginger together, create a great summer scent that is crisp, fruity and energising with a shimmery nuance. Combined with the sweet aroma of vanilla, it can create a more gourmand fragrance that is cosy, comforting and very nostalgic of those sweet wintery treats such as gingerbread.


In summary, ginger makes a strong claim for the spotlight. Used as it is, grounded or extracted as an essential oil, the ingredient is hugely versatile and is said to have many benefits. The best benefit of all, the amazing scent that emanates from it, creates many different accords that you can connect with and feel anything from revitalised to nostalgic.