Forecast Magazine

Forecast magazine reports on the latest in fashion, home and fragrance, giving readers a fascinating insight into the trends influencing new product launches in the coming seasons.


Spring / Summer 2018

Inspired by the world of fashion we bring you new ideas and insights that help to grow your brands and delight your customers. With a focus on the body and wellness, this issue contains articles on ingredients, an interview with philosopher Prof. Barry Smith and focus on the future trends for spring/summer 2019.

The Storied Past of Animalics

Nicola Lugosch, Sales Executive, CPL UK, explores the references to animalic ingredients in Medieval bestiaries.

Rethinking the Senses

Barry Smith, philosopher and director of CenSes at the Institute of the Philosophy, part of the University of London, discusses how the model of the five senses is not the whole story of our sensory experience.


Christine Irven, Business Development Manager, CPL Far East, discusses the herb known as 'the fountain of life' from a marketing perspective, used against anxiety and in skincare.


Autumn / Winter 2017

Inspired by the world of fashion we bring you new ideas and insights that help to grow your brands and delight your customers. With an introduction from our new fashion writer, Tony Glenville, and a focus on the future trends for autumn/winter 2018/2019.

Trends Autumn/Winter 2018/2019

A colourful look at future fragrance trends.

Perfumer's treasure chest: Labdanum & Cistus

An exploration of labdanum, the woody-amber odour used for various effects in fragrances.

An Introduction to Tony Glenville

Fashion expert and writer talks about design details, trend forecasting, and current attitudes to fashion.


Spring / Summer 2017

This edition launches the new look of our trend magazine, which for the first time incorporates our new corporate branding. Inspired by the world of fashion we bring you new ideas and insights that help to grow your brands and delight your customers.

The Niche Market

Staying bold and daring in fine fragrance.

The Changing Fashions of Brand

Our branding partners, Industry, talk us through the changes in marketing over the past decades

Focus on London

Be inspired by the capital of art, design and culture.


Autumn / Winter 2016

This issue focuses on Autumn Winter 2017/18, with fragrance interpretation from CPL Aromas and print, colour ways and design details per trend. Following on from Issue 11, we also continue to feature some of our favourite images from the students at the London College of Fashion.

Treasure chest

Mike Parrott delves into the world of animalic scents

Talking scents

Interview with fragrance blogger, Odette Toilette

Focus on Agadir

From souk to surf: be inspired by this Morrocan gem

Issue 11

Spring / Summer 2016

This issue looks at the transition from fine dining to fine fragrance, a collaboration between Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton and Perfumer, Christian Provenzano to create unique new fragrances. We also meet CPL Aromas perfumer, Celia Cirimbili, who provides a fascinating insight into the life, passions and inspirations of a world-class fragrance artist.


A look at some launches fragrancing this Autumn Winter 2015/16

Focus on Madrid

Let the Spanish capital city’s sights and flavours inspire your senses

Fashionably fragrant

The unique relationship between CPL Aromas and The London College of Fashion

Issue 10

Autumn / Winter 2015

This issue looks at the emergence of niche perfumery as a growing trend within the fragrance industry. We also explore the use of sandalwood as a versatile and exciting ingredient in the production of fine fragrances.

Treasure chest

Tim Gage imparts his knowledge of the creamy, universally used ingredient, sandalwood

Spotlight on 2015

Insight into interesting global exhibitions and shows across Spring and Summer 2015

Focus on Istanbul

Take a tour around Turkey’s bi-continental city


Spring / Summer 2015

This issue explores the hidden secrets of Dutch capital, Amsterdam. We also hear from CPL Aromas perfumer, Celia Cirimbili on the inspiration behind her new creation, the Seven Scented Sins.

Treasure chest

A focus on the timeless white floral fragrance ingredient, Jasmine.


A look at the new architecture shaping our present and future.

Food trends

Explore the world's weird and wonderful culinary delights