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As part of our continued work on our sustainability pillar of ‘people’ one of CPL UK’s staff members has shared her recent experience in the following case study.

Genna recently took a short sabbatical to Thailand and Vietnam to both support and further her wellbeing journey, and to help others develop their language skills.

“During my adolescence mental health awareness and support for those suffering from mental health issues, and those around them was limited. Consequently, from a very young age, I, like many others, would turn to more destructive coping mechanisms, ultimatelyleading to a huge decline in my physical and mental wellbeingcontinuing into my late 20’s. It was during one of my lowest points during my very early 20’s, a university friend introduced me to yoga.

Screen Shot 2020 04 07 at 15.32.39Yoga opened my mind to wider interests such as mindfulness, meditative techniques and transactional analysis psychotherapy. Over time these subsequently led to me developing tools and coping mechanisms to help relieve my symptoms and reduce anxiety, whilst gradually improving my overall wellbeing and focus.

To continue on this healing path, I chose to develop my skills and advance my yoga practice by working with a yoga mentor, later enrolling onto a yoga teacher training course with the Swara Yoga Academy based at The Sanctuary inThailand.

My 12 hour days consisted of meditation and yoga practice, philosophy and mantra teachings, Asana clinic, teaching practice and finally a dose of restorative Yin yoga. It was an intense and emotional course but also transformational. The stillness that yoga afforded me helped me to reconnect with myself. Often difficult emotions, which I had learnt to suppress, were able to resurface. It was very difficult and at times painful but with a great support network and acceptance within the yoga school it became a very therapeutic experience.

From my yoga training and adventures in Thailand I ventured to the Everest English Centre in the suburbs of Hanoi, Vietnam. The Vietnamese people situated in the rural areas around Hanoi do not have many opportunities to improve their English-speaking skills which is where the Everest English Centre provide a platform to recruit volunteers and teachers to help combat this. I was allocated several classes where I supported teachers and taught English to some wonderfully captivating and captivated Vietnamese children! We were involved with the mid- autumn festival celebrations which involved singing, dancing and teaching English – it was such great fun.

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On my time off I was able to trek across the stunning Sapa Mountains, live with locals and support the Sapa Sisters – a business enterprise that supports women by reducing poverty, helping them to support their families.

My intention during the trip was to focus on my wellbeing but it also felt amazing to be able to support other people in fulfilling their potential. I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone, explored and confronted my fears whilst cultivating solid foundational skills in Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga. In the long term I hope to use these skills and teach Yin yoga for adults and teens who may suffer with mental health challenges, to provide some coping mechanisms to channel focus, make mindful decisions and enhance their potential and self-belief. By the end of the program I discovered the importance of self-belief and as you read this I would just like to say – alwaysbelieve in your own capabilities!

I would like to send my sincere thanks to CPL and some of my colleagues for their support, before, during and after my trip. It means so much to me and I am extremely grateful."



Spring / Summer 2020

Sustainability – one of the biggest macro trends we have seen for decades, is a huge focus for consumers and businesses alike. 

This edition of Forecast discusses what it means to be sustainable, what brands are doing to position themselves in the current market and how the world is adapting to this new mindset. How does this global trend change the way we shop? How are fragrance materials chosen? And how are consumers influencing the innovations being created?

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