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Alejandro Massalin


Our fragrance company is proud to be independent and family-owned. From its origins in 1971, an important part of CPL Aromas’ practices is to help each of our customers thrive, by helping make their beloved projects come true. And in Dubai, we even helped one of our newest customers survive the COVID lockdown…

Light of Sakina is a sustainable premium candle maker based in Dubai. Its name comes from the Arabic سـكـن (sukun), meaning peace, serenity or tranquillity. “The Light of Tranquility & Peace represents a journey towards the inner light anyone can experience whilst connecting with the Divine”. We sat down with its founder Naila Rahim, for her to tell us how our relationship started and how we helped.

She told us the business started in 2018 as an NGO, teaching the craft of transfer candles to widows and orphans of war-torn countries, and it grew organically into a business with a fully-fledged professional team producing a range of high quality, beautifully hand-crafted scented candles.

As the founder and leader of the company, Naila has sustainability up in her list of priorities and wants to make Light of Sakina a business with a purpose: as examples, only soya wax is used to make their candles (no paraffin in any of them) and the company offers refills to their customers, to avoid wasting packaging.

We then enquired about her experience working with CPL Aromas. She told us that it has been an incredible journey. What she likes about CPL Aromas: its quality and range of offerings, the excellent service to customers and its ethos and values, which align with their own.

During COVID lockdown, Light of Sakina started to get heavy orders and they were at risk of not delivering, which would have put their credibility at risk. CPL Aromas was the only company during lockdown which responded timely and continued working with them. Naila added that Light of Sakina would possibly not have survived the lockdown if CPL Aromas was not there providing this level of support. We are very, very pleased to have helped!  

Visit Light of Sakina on Nakheel Mall or on their website,

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