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CPL Aromas


Since 2001, CPL Aromas have been fortunate enough to be associated with London College of Fashion. Over the past sixteen years, we have benefited from the creative designs of many of the world’s most gifted fashion students that have attended the college. 

The relationship started when CPL Aromas sponsored a new, state of the art fragrance and cosmetic science laboratory for the college’s Cosmetic Science degree. The Michael Pickthall Laboratory was named after the late CPL Aromas co-founder who sadly passed away in 1989. The event sparked a bond between the two establishments that has blossomed throughout the past fifteen years. The alliance blends academia, industrial perspective, design, business and science through which industry, students and staff benefit. 

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Supporting and inspiring tomorrow’s generation - in the industry and beyond - is something that gives CPL Aromas particular pride. Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to be able to use our success to encourage the future success of others, through funding and mentor support of various educational programmes. 

“During the seventeen years that London College of Fashion and CPL have collaborated on creative projects, CPL have engaged, informed and inspired students by encouraging them to enter the world of fragrance – which sits so closely alongside fashion these days” says Sarah Byfield-Riches, Development Associate, External Relations at London College of Fashion. 

“Across the seasons and fashion’s trends, the opportunity to create work with a partner whose product is in a sense “invisible”, has enabled students to explore the senses and their relationship with fashion in a commercial, and yet exciting context. LCF is truly grateful to CPL for its on-going support of the college and its students” adds the college’s Creative Director, Tony Glenville. 

In the autumn/winter of 2015/16, it was the creative photography and illustration competition that lies at the heart of the relationship. CPL Creative Director and Perfumer, Angela Stavrevska has been heavily involved with the project for many years, “It is a really great collaboration. Not only do we get to work with some really talented & inspiring students we also help them by offering an industry perspective. We hope this will help them understand the requirements of working with a client for when they graduate” she says. 

“the opportunity has enabled students to explore the senses and their relationship with fashion in a commercial, and yet exciting context” 

To provide the students with the opportunity to experience a ‘real life’ client, each year they are asked to follow a particular brief to produce images that can be used in CPL’s promotional and marketing campaigns that in some way articulate the company’s message. Over the years briefs have included themes such as ‘Memory and Emotions’, ‘A Sense of Individuality’ and ‘A Fragrant World’. The beautiful images that the students submit are featured throughout each issue of Forecast magazine as well as in the company calendar and advertising campaigns. 

“I like that the collaboration provides an opportunity for students to work with a real company within the industry” says LCF student Eli Ohren, whose work appeared in CPL’s 2013 calendar. “The competition is motivating to students who can show their creativity and their skills for future employees, it’s a very valuable project to us”. 

In winter 2015/2016, CPL Aromas chose to celebrate their then fifteen year relationship with a retrospective look at the best images submitted for the competition. Throughout the 11th issue of Forecast, as well as in the 2016 calendar, you will find some of CPL’s favourites. 


Spring / Summer 2017

This edition launches the new look of our trend magazine, which for the first time incorporates our new corporate branding. Inspired by the world of fashion we bring you new ideas and insights that help to grow your brands and delight your customers.

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