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CPL Aromas in India: The Spice of Creation


Alejandro Massalin



It is impossible to think of India without reminiscing about its many olfactory stimuli. Their delicate spices – like cardamom or nutmeg – the bustling markets, the vibrant flora and fauna, the sea… and the secret to its success: the more than one billion people who make this country a place where things happen.Screen Shot 2020 11 16 at 12.33.51

CPL Aromas has had ties with India almost since its creation five decades ago – and disembarked in the country by creating CPL India in 2013. Operations were moved to a new purpose-built facility in Mumbai featuring a full-service sales, marketing and creative center. Located in the Lower Parel region of Mumbai, the new premises feature a full Creative Perfumery Laboratory with Product Performance and Evaluation facilities as well as a team of account managers, perfumer and evaluators, customer service and marketing support.

With the focus to grow in India market, CPL Aromas appointed a new General Manager for its Mumbai office, Ranjeet Agrawal, in September 2018. With its experienced team and state-of-the-art facilities, CPL India has won projects with the leading market companies and also supported smaller passion projects like the company regularly does.

Our senior perfumer, Amol Kulkarni states

“I love the freedom to create that CPL India gives me – and its fragrance library holds many excellent and unique fragrance ingredients to satisfy and delight our customers”.


CPL India has also created significant sustainability inroads by setting up a college for visually impaired students, together with NAB India. NAB Perfumery College is a unique educational initiative for the Blind, helping enrich the lives of visually-challenged people and to open them up to the world of perfumery. Their course is specifically designed for visually-challenged people – and those with a keen sense of smell. The Fragrance Program is a 2-year Diploma which provides its students with an advanced education and the potential for employment within the fragrance industry. Find out more here. Another aspect of sustainability is to work with responsible suppliers, as India is a key supplier for the company in terms of raw materials – little wonder given the richness to be found in the subcontinent.

Taj mahalCPL India is a lively group of young individuals, full of energy, passion, ideas and zest – eager to create together with its customers. 

After working for more than 15 years in hospitality industry, Noel Dass joined CPL India sales in 2019. His opinion of CPL Aromas?

“It is a great workplace. I have been able to hone the necessary skills by making use of the plenty training and learning opportunities. The team is full of enthusiasm and as close-knit in India as in our global counterparts. This has been vital when I first joined the company and continues to play a crucial role in shaping my work style and positive approach towards tackling challenges in selling the fragrances”. 


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