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CPL Aromas’ AromaGuard helps hair dyeing at home be easier


Angela Stavrevska



The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to a huge increase in sales of hair dye across the world. The US saw Walmart sales increase by 23%, a report in New Zealand suggested a sales increase of hair dyes of around 300%, and many high street retailers in the UK are reporting zero availability of on-line stock of this important part of many people’s wellbeing and beauty regimes. Decreased use of hair salons, whether it be through reduced income, or due to the continued difficulties of social distancing, will continue to push up sales of home dyeing solutions well into the future. 

Now to the less glamorous part: home hair colouring can often be a messy and somewhat unpleasant experience, due to the smelly chemicals found within the dye. Ammonia is often the main culprit, which can give an eye-wateringly, aggressive and slightly fishy odour to the whole process. 

This is where CPL Aromas’ AromaGuard technology comes into play, to make the whole hair dyeing process a much more pleasurable experience. We have extensively tested hundreds of fragrance raw materials for their ability to counteract the ammonia and other malodours associated with hair dyeing. From this research we have developed a library of AromaGuard fragrances, which ensure a reduction of over 70% in perception level of the unpleasant fragrance aspects of home hair dyeing. These fragrances have also been tested to work in the product without having a detrimental effect on the final resulting hair colour, giving peace of mind as well as a beautiful result.

If you want to know more about how AromaGuard can help your hair dyeing products be the most pleaant to use, get in touch with our local CPL Aromas contact.