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Catching the Z's


Emily Austin



Sleep is something we all do: it is a naturally recurring state of mind and body. It is at this time when our bodies restore themselves, so if we achieve ‘quality’ sleep, we awaken feeling refreshed with renewed energy. If we do not get enough of the right sleep our bodies don’t get the chance to recharge, which can have adverse effects on our skin, health, diet and productivity, and an overall negative effect in our well-being. 


Technology is on the rise and consumers are becoming more switched-on than ever. We have the possibility to be constantly connected. Whilst this can be a great thing, it can also mean that it is harder to switch off fully. 


Moreover, the current global pandemic has disrupted everyday normal life. Routines have been unsettled more than usual and lack of sleep has become a hot topic. However, it isn’t just now that sleeping well is receiving attention. In the last decade, the interest in this ever-important state of consciousness has been rapidly increasing, with a significant rise in the number of scientific journals referencing sleep and epidemiology.


A rise in methods such as meditation, journaling and self-care have engaged consumers and there is evidence that they are becoming more aware and in need of new ways to unwind and disconnect. Consumers need a chance to give their bodies and minds every opportunity to unwind and relax completely so that they have more of a chance of a good quantity and quality of sleep. 


Preparing yourself and your surroundings is key, this is where fragrance can play a big part in your steps towards a better sleep. CPL Aromas have come up with fragrances that embody this sleep-promoting trend, for use across categories. Not only can you light a soft candle to improve the atmosphere in the room, you could take a long bath using a bath fizzer with a warming and calming scent, add fragrance to your pulse points or even use a pillow spray. In time you become accustomed to the smell and relate it with winding down, creating a relaxed, comfortable and calm environment to sleep fully.


To find out more about how our UK team have taken this trend and created fragrances to aid in a sleep promoting routine, contact your local CPL division found here


Sleep is important as:

  • Sleep empowers an effective immune system
  • Sleep heightens brain function
  • Sleep enhances mood
  • Sleep improves mental health.
  • Sleep problems are common
  • Sleep problem are likely to increase
  • Sleep problems are associated with accidents and human errors
  • Sleep problems are associated with short- term and long-term effects on our health and well-being