Fragrance Trends



Emily Austin


CPL Aromas France recently held an event titled ‘BRUT’, the word stands for RAW, which mirrors the raw aspect of the materials used in both perfumery and architecture.

The event allowed guests to be taken on a scented journey through Paris discovering some of the many hidden treasures and mixing them with perfumery. Along with a specialised tour guide whose knowledge of the district was vast, groups of 4 or 5 people went on the journey which consisted of 7 architectural landmarks.

With each stop, the story behind the landmark was explained, its architecture discovered, and a scent created by CPL’s creative perfumers was smelt. 7 landmarks with 7 fragrances all centred around the ‘raw’ theme, portraying the raw material used in or inspired by the architectural composition. 

The tour started at the Notre-Dame de Bonne Nouvelle, the guests looked at the historical church taking in its stone work, whilst smelling a fragrance that perfectly represented the soft stone. The tour followed on to the smallest street in Paris that was covered with street are, the Rue des Degrés, the scent of paint was smelt and allowed the visitors to be immersed in the art work as though the paint had been freshly laid.

IMG 20191014 WA0021

The scent of fabric accompanied the Place d’Alexandrie, a square known for its wholesale of textiles, followed by a beautiful greenery scent to accompany the Oasis d’Aboukir – a green wall in the heart of the city. 


CPL’s perfumers created a tobacco fragrance for the Palais Brongniart, also known as La Bourse where historically the staff used the courtyard for their smoking breaks. The oldest wooden passage, the Passage des Panoramas was paired with a woody fragrance, embodying the passage in its entirety. A metallic fragrance, iron like and sharp was created and paired b2with the view of the Rue d’Uzés – a street inspired by the metal structures of American cities.

cFor the tour finale the guests were invited to a creative atelier at a nearby hotel to create their own scented ceramic. Fragrances were created by using the scents from the tour and mixing with CPL’s unique aromafusions. The ceramics which were customised with inspiration from the scented architecture were able to be infused with the fragrance mix created by the guests and then made on the spot.


The event enabled guests to look beyond the face value of a place or landmark, discover the history of the area and smell a CPL perfumers’ interpretation of the space, pushing the boundaries with creativity and innovation once more.