Senior Perfumer
Location: UK

Tim Gage

I have never stopped learning about materials, how they interact with each other and the endless opportunity for creative results.

The raw materials available to us and the infinite possibilities of how they can be mixed is fascinating to me. I never imagined that the fragrance industry could be so captivating. I began my adventure in the fragrance industry in 1984, initially as a perfumers’ laboratory technician, quickly taking on additional roles in quality control and then production support and formulation management. With the help and encouragement of fellow perfumers, I studied perfumery raw materials and learnt how to use them effectively.

I joined CPL in 2002 in the regulatory department, which has proved to be invaluable experience since joining the UK perfumery team in 2008.

Inspiration can come from the most unexpected sources, and often at the most inopportune times. You just have to be alert and know how to recognise the images, scents, noises, tastes, textures and smells that might lead to something worthwhile. I often enjoy finding a solution to a technical problem - the challenge of working with a difficult or aggressive base can be particularly rewarding.

Tim’s creations have won the British society of Perfumers, Evelyn Speller award for Best Homecare Fragrance four times, and the 2013 Best Body Moisturizer, Cosmopolitan Beauty and Fragrance Award.