Senior Perfumer
Location: Dubai

Stephane Bengana

“By following my nose, I was tempted to follow my dreams.”

I have a long-held a passion for perfumery and desire to work in the industry. I decided to become a creative Perfumer at 15 years old, and I acquired the skills to study at ISIPCA.

Whilst studying, I worked as a QC technician and then as a trainee Perfumer. After graduating in 1997, I went to Grasse, becoming Junior Perfumer, rising to Senior Perfumer and then Director of Perfumery.

I was able to build up extensive experience in Arabic fragrances, and so in 2010 I was recruited by the CPL Aromas Dubai division in 2010. It is exciting for me to work in the Middle East where I can develop my expertise in the raw materials that are unique to the market.

As part of an international company Stephane has also had the opportunity to work on several international brands with notable successes. Stephane has created a host of prestigious fragrances for companies such as Aigner, Rasasi, Ajmal, Swiss Arabian, Lattafa and Yardley.