Dominique Preyssas

Senior Perfumer
Location : France

Dominique Preyssas

Dominique Preyssas is a prolific fine-fragrance perfumer whose work stands out for its precision, its beauty and its power.

An extraordinary technician, Dominique abandoned a scientific path after obtaining his degree in chemistry. He patiently studied a further three years at ISIPCA in order to pursue his passion for art and composition.

“Smell is a word, Perfume is a literature!”

Dominique then joined the famous Roure Bertrand Dupont Perfumery School, and subsequently worked at Mane Fils, two institutions that have developed some of the best noses in the world. He then went on to work for Takassago prior to joining CPL Aromas in 2003.

He has created a vast range of best-selling scents for brands around the globe. Dominique follows all the latest trends both through his love of travelling and his role as an active member of the Société Française des Parfumeurs.