Senior Perfumer 
Location : Bielefeld, Germany

Claudine De Vogel


My earliest memories are all associated with fragrance; the Eau Imperiale which my grandfather sprinkled on his handkerchiefs, the smell of unlit Gitane cigarettes, the cold fireplace in the sitting room upstairs and the classical geranium plants on the windowsill.

I was lucky enough to get first-hand experience of the industry through family working in the business, with three placements at Firmenich in Plainsboro NJ in several departments. The desire to become a Perfumer was stimulated by Master Perfumer Annie Buzantian and I ended up studying at the University of Plymouth for a BA in Business of Perfumery. After successfully finishing a placement at CPL Aromas in Marketing and getting my degree, I started with CPL Aromas in 2002 as a trainee Perfumer.

With Christian Provenzano and Mike Parrott as my mentors I have had a very solid and inspirational education in the art of Perfumery. After seven successful years in the UK and two years with Lucta SA in Barcelona, in 2010 I moved to CPL Aromas in Bielefeld Germany where I have been part of the CPL team since. I work on a wide variety of projects, the main focus of my work is for Toiletries, Laundry, Air Care and Fine Fragrance.