Fragrance Expertise

Fashion and fragrance are inextricably linked. Both are powerful and undeniable expressions of personality and mood, with the one articulating the vision and style of the other through different materials.

As the world’s leading fragrance-only fragrance house, CPL Aromas is at the centre of these two worlds. We are front row at many fashion shows and our perfumers draw inspiration from the fabrics, prints and textures that fill the catwalks, translating them into fresh and innovative fragrances, season after season.

We work with the greatest fine fragrance brands and fashion houses, helping them to articulate their brands in signature scents that pay homage to timeless design classics or showcase bold new statements. This passion for, and commitment to, fashion and fine fragrance infuses and influences every part of the CPL Aromas business.

our creative talent

We count some of the world’s most creative, talented and sought-after perfumers among our number, harnessing their exceptional skills to produce fragrances that ignite the imagination. 

Meet our perfumers

How we work

We believe our role as fragrance pioneers extends beyond product development, and that we have a responsibility to help shape the future of our industry.

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Research and development

We take a novel approach to explore and solve the real-world challenges faced by our clients, constantly innovating to produce the very best results.

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Fragrance applications