International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women


On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, we take the opportunity to share an update of the project we are helping to support through CAFOD.

Every year CPL Aromas contributes to CAFOD and that donation helps support numerous projects that they run around the world. In Nicaragua, an ongoing project working with the Mary Barreda association helps teenage girls escape from commercial sexual exploitation and gender-based violence. The project aims to provide the girls with connections to self-help groups, therapy and legal support, giving them the ability to report and demand justice for the crimes committed against them, whilst also giving them hope and dreams to work towards for the future.

The whole process aims to strengthen personal and familial protective factors:

  • Social workers and psychologists interview those at risk, evaluating each girl’s individual situation and their needs, to help them going forward
  • Along with home visits, and follow up interviews with the family, self-help groups are formed
  • Reflection sessions take place which encourage the girls to make goals and work towards them, giving them the skills, focus and a better chance at achieving them
  • Activities involving the mothers and other family members are held, contributing to strengthen bonds between them and building an environment of trust and respect
  • To enable the girls to integrate better into their community, a number of school packages are also delivered, giving them a chance for improved stability at school for their education
  • Social representations of sexual violence and trafficking are identified through holding “cinema” sessions, commemorating “International Women’s Day” and presentations of awareness videos

CAFOD, working alongside the Mary Barreda Association, have been able to support numerous vulnerable teenagers who were at risk or have been victims of sexual exploitation. These teenagers have been given support allowing them to plan the way to change their life and future, with many now attending school/college and bringing awareness to their families. 

CPL Aromas remains committed to help CAFOD by continuing to support, monitor and raise awareness for this vital work.