Graff Diamonds launch their first fragrance collection Lesedi La Rona


Under licensing house Inter Parfums, Graff, a high-end luxury London jewellery brand have debuted their first fragrance collection.


This opulent range of six perfumes was inspired by the fourth-largest diamond ever found, the Lesedi La Rona. Graff purchased the diamond in 2017 and cut it into one large emerald shaped diamond plus 66 others. The shape of the luxury perfume bottles perfectly captures the emerald shape of the diamond whilst keeping to the luxurious brand identity as each fragrance takes the Lesedi La Rona name.


The Graff brand ethos is to take no shortcuts and have perfection as the ultimate goal. With the same heritage craft as the lavish jewellery, the Lesedi La Rona I fragrance was created with only the finest and rarest ingredients uncovered from all over the world, expertly sourced. A sophisticated blend of powdery florals and woody oriental notes form a sense of refinement and splendour. A decadent bouquet of orris, rose and jasmine is illuminated by sparkling notes of pink pepper and bergamot whilst cedarwood, tonka bean and amber, create warmth and depth. 


Lesedi La Rona I contains CPL’s exclusive AromaFusion ingredients. Orris Fusion highlights the powdery orris and cedarwood facets and Kashmir Fusion adds a veil of velvety musk and crystal amber notes enhancing the oriental character. The eau de parfum includes a quality of jasmine that is responsibly sourced from Egypt.


The passion of the Graff brand runs through this eau de parfum, CPL’s perfumer Julie Pluchet says 

“I wanted to create a fragrance that was representative of the Graff identity, classically elegant with modern sophistication whilst using the most luxurious ingredients.”


The Graff perfume collection has launched in Harrods, London and is available worldwide in select boutiques.