CPL Aromas’ turnover grew to record heights in the financial year 2019/20


March 2020 was the end of a very strong financial year for CPL Aromas, the independent, family-owned fragrance house, a year in which the company again reported record sales. The company achieved 15% sales growth with sales topping £120m – CPL had strong sales growth performances in the Middle East, Colombia, India and the UK, with the latter benefiting the most from the successful acquisition of Aromatic Flavours & Fragrances Ltd that was completed at the end of April 2019.


New facilities such as the new Creative Centre in Paris and the new factory in Colombia also contributed to the great sales figures. A new CPL Aromas’ office in Manila, Philippines, is also worthy of note.


The complete integration of CPL Aromas Spain (formerly dM Fragrances & Bastet) has bolstered the company’s preparations for Brexit – and while there are hopes for a soft Brexit at the end of 2020, the company is well prepared to continue serving its customers through any political eventuality.


The company continued its unrelenting focus on its trends, claims and technologies, having particular success with EcoBoost, the sustainable technology allowing customers to save on production, packaging and transport whilst not losing any scent quality. CPL also launched the first of its Trends Set – the Natural Fragrances, to cater to a growing consumer segment.


This leads us onto sustainability, a strong focus of CPL Aromas, and an objective which has been enshrined into its new Brand Identity. As stated on its Sustainability Report, CPL has made big strides on its path towards being a sustainable company, achieving objectives on the topics of innovation, people, sourcing and the environment – such as obtaining the EcoVadis Gold certification in 2019.


It has been a good year for CPL’s philanthropic collaborations as well.  In India, CPL co-founded the NAB Perfumery School for the visually impaired, together with NAB University, to a resounding success – the classes are already up and running, helping blind people with a keen sense of smell to build a better future for themselves; and the company is now entering its third decade of collaboration with CAFOD. During the financial year, CPL maintained its donation commitment level to CAFOD at £425k.


COVID-19 has had an impact, like in every organisation. During these challenging times CPL has demonstrated the strength of its global operations by first responding to the outbreak in China in early January and then continuing to protect and support staff, as well as safeguarding the continuity of its global operations to ensure that customers continued to be provided with great service.


Chris Pickthall, CPL Aromas’ CEO, commented, “Our last financial year’s great results feel like a long time ago. Our focus now is to keep our global employees safe and to continue to grow our company through all the uncertainty. My huge thanks to our global team for how we have reacted together to this COVID-19 crisis”.


As the company prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2021, it looks forward to continuing the collaboration with its customers, partners and employees to infuse happiness through scents. Let’s create together.