CPL Aromas supports your business and the environment with EcoBoost


CPL Aromas’ exclusive EcoBoost technology allows CPL to create fragrances which can be utilised at ten times lower dosage than standard fragrances, with no detrimental effect to odour profile or strength perception in the final product – working exceptionally well for products such as hand wash, shower gel and scented candles, and many other applications. 

CPL has focused on developing EcoBoost fragrances to improve sustainability. As they are used at up to a tenth of the volume of a standard fragrance, they have a significant environmental advantage versus the use of normal perfumes, while having a comparable cost in use to normal fragrances.

Some of the sustainability benefits of the EcoBoost technology are:

  • Using 10 times less fragrance has obvious advantages of less packaging, lower emissions and reduced impact in the supply chain – including delivery;
  • It can help with streamlining the development of multi-application ranges because the fragrances don’t need to be modified across different product types;
  • A lower dosage supports increased compatibility between fragrance and product base;
  • Common issues such as product discolouration or a need for extensive on pack labelling can be minimised.

EcoBoost delivers convenience and a positive impact to the environment while keeping your bottom line safe. Please ask your local CPL Aromas contact about how EcoBoost can help. To find out more click here