CPL Aromas Cements its Candle Expertise


The home fragrance market is growing at a fast pace and a consistent rate. Market Research Future (2020) predicted in their latest report that the candle market will be worth $4.22 billion by 2025. This increase is down to consumer interest and an increase in consumer knowledge, which has helped shift home fragrance from being simply functional to becoming a more experiential product.

In 2020, due to the global pandemic and people spending more time at home, they are increasingly looking at home fragrance experiences to improve their home environment and their well-being – and using candles to alter an atmosphere and create an experience. Brands are catching on to this trend by promoting products that claim to do this, with names such as “relaxing”, “energising” and “de-stressing”, among others. It is no longer just about the smell of a fragrance, but about the mood and feeling which can be achieved from them and how it can be delivered in new and impactful ways.

The fragrance of a candle is very important and is seen as the biggest factor in impacting a candle purchase and to create the perfect at-home environment.

CPL Aromas are specialists in candle fragrances, with a fantastic team, high-class ingredients and several leading technologies available for our experts to use within their creations. We have the technology to create scents that not only smell fantastic but perform exceptionally and are tailored to our customer needs.

When we create a fragrance for a candle, we check that the candles smell great, are long-lasting, strong enough, and fit with the concept in both cold throw and whilst being burnt. The cold throw is a crucial factor in whether a customer purchases a product, and the hot throw is a vital part of the customer experience and can secure a repeat purchase.

Our fragrance creation process ensures they perform to the highest standard to be expected of CPL. 

It starts as early as the selection of our raw materials – we have been rigorously selecting and testing raw materials over many years.

We also periodically carry out an analytical study, which we call a Headspace Analysis, to gain a better understanding of how candles work and to establish which materials were responsible for their performance.

For this study CPL uses several methods to analyse the fragrances present within several candles. This begins with a GCMS analysis, extracting the scent and analysing its chromatogram. This analysis enables us to find out what items are present and at what dosage. Then we place the candles in one of our odour-evaluation booths and allow them to equilibrate for an hour before taking a sample. This is repeated in cold and burn throw. 

We put the extracted throw through a desorption machine and its components are again run through a GCMS analysis for better description of its contents. Importantly, a qualitative panel is run in parallel and candle throws are scored for strength and liking. 

This thorough analysis gives us further understanding of what components work best in your candle products, ensuring you get optimum results every time: better use of the perfume and better throw (both cold and hot) – and which raw materials are best to avoid, both in the bases and in potential fragrances.

We will continue to analyse fragrances within the candle category to keep increasing our knowledge and expertise, helping you make more informed decisions for ingredients and performance.

Let’s Create Together.