CPL Aromas are working hard to continue business as usual with focus on containing COVID-19


The CPL factories around the world are working non-stop to help customers in their efforts to put a halt to the COVID-19 outbreak. With extra PPE and distancing measures in place, its different production teams are collaborating together more strongly than ever and are continuing their hard work to provide our customers with the best service. 


At a time like this, when hygiene has become a crucial concern, it is important that CPL can keep providing its usual level of quality and support to customers, focusing on products to help stop the pandemic.


This is what some of our local teams had to say about the current operations:


-      CPL Spain: we are keeping our factory doors open to make fragrances for bleaches, sanitiser gels and other cleaning products, which are fundamental to combat the virus in hospitals and private homes.

 Produccion staff 2

-      CPL UK: at the UK Manufacturing site we are determined to continue to provide our first-class service at this most unnerving time. We are confident in our ability to provide customers with great fragrances to uplift everyone’s mood.


-      CPL France: although our Paris office is operating with reduced capacity, we are ensuring business flows as usual. Our priority remains the health and safety of staff whilst delivering what our customers need. It has been gratifying to have received a letter from the Mayor of Suresnes, thanking us for the donation of several litres of hydroalcoholic gel to the Town Hall offices.


-      CPL Dubai: in this delicate and challenging moment of the COVID-19 outbreak affecting everything and everyone on a global scale, CPL Dubai is keeping the promise to support and provide fragrances on time to all our customers and crucially those manufacturing cleaning products to eliminate COVID-19.


-      CPL Far East (Hong Kong): we have a team co-ordinating and reacting promptly to the COVID-19 impact brought to our CPL Far East Division, and we have been doing well with their help and support.


-      CPL Colombia: with the country on lockdown, we are working with minimal staff to ensure we keep up the supply of fragrances for the production of crucial cleaning products


It’s important to note that all the teams are continuing to take all necessary security precautions and are following all health & safety protocols whilst doing so.


From CPL we want to thank all our global teams, either at home, in the office or in our factories, working non-stop to deliver solutions to our customers in the midst of this COVID-19 crisis 

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