CPL Aromas are supporting CAFOD in their project of Socio-Economic Empowerment of Women in Afghanistan


The over reaching goal of this project is to economically empower and strengthen the socioeconomic rights of the underprivileged rural women in the north of Afghanistan. CPL are supporting CAFOD who are working with Hand in Hand Afghanistan (HiH Af) on providing underprivileged women with the tools and skills to create enterprises and jobs.

Helping to create an environment for women to engage in enterprise development, and contribute towards household income, not only improves their family livelihoods, but strengthens their confidence and ability to challenge norms and participate in household and community-level decision-making.

The project, which has been running for 2 years, has already reached around 900 people with more than 83% of them being women. This has generated over 840 jobs and means that around 5,400 family members have indirectly benefitted from the project. 

This year our support and funding from CAFOD means that HiH Afghanistan is expanding the project to reach even more areas and in turn even more women. 

A crucial approach, and the reason for the success of this project, is implementation through different phases. These include; group formation and savings mobilisation, skills training, access to enterprise start-up kits and market links with additional support. These phases give the participants crucial skills that enable them to be more independent and learn what is required to start an enterprise and to continue its growth.

Afghan 1Vocational skills training such as tailoring, embroidery and bee keeping, as well as sessions in microfinance, are also available from the HiH Af group which help build these women into strong entrepreneurs that can enable them to earn an income and support their families. 

The project has been well received in the community and a total of 1,078 microenterprises have been created by self-help group members since the project was launched in 2017. 

HiH Af and CAFOD with the support of CPL will continue this project and hope to raise more awareness of the underprivileged women in Afghanistan, working on providing them with the skills and knowledge that they can use to create a safer and more stable environment for them and their families. 

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