World Population Day


Over the last 20 years the global population has grown by 2.5 billion people and every day the population increases by around 228,000 people. It is expected that the world population will reach an enormous 8.6 billion people by 2030, rising to 9.8 billion in 2050. To sustain current consumption rates, by 2050 the equivalent of almost three planets would be needed to provide the required natural resources – and yet we only have the one!

With a greater demand on resources, CPL Aromas are in the final stages of developing a new Responsible Sourcing Policy. We are committed to ensuring our materials are responsibly sourced to secure a stable and sustainable supply.

With a large number of materials from a variety of suppliers, managing the CPL supply chains at this scale is complex. However, we are committed to working with as many of our suppliers as possible for greater transparency and to improve safety, environmental, social and business integrity practices across the board.

As such, in addition to the development of our Responsible Sourcing Policy, we have the following Sourcing objectives:

-          Assess 100% of suppliers for their commitment to sustainability by 2030

-          Develop sustainable purchasing agreements for at least 10% of natural ingredients by 2030

Supplier partnerships lies at the heart of our approach and are key to developing the success that is required. “These partnerships offer the growers & producers loyalty and therefore security of sales, opportunities for growth & expansion, which in turn promotes investment back into the land, education into best farming practice and also community projects.” Says Joanne Brown, CPL’s Naturals Ingredients Buyer.

It is only when we are all working together, towards common goals, that we will see the sort of global changes required.

If you would like more information about CPL’s sustainability strategy or sourcing policy, please contact 

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