World Food Day


On Saturday CPL’s Angela Stavrevska attended ‘Voices from the Amazon’ a talk given by CAFOD, our charity partner, about the dangerous work that they and the wider Catholic Church are doing to protect indigenous people’s lives, and this incredibly important habitat, from being destroyed across the region.

CAFOD are supporting many local communities not only in Brazil but also across other Amazonian countries such as Colombia and Peru. The work covers many areas including legal support for people to claim their land rights, and how to protect them into the future, training in agriculture and education on gender issues, to encourage women’s voices to be heard. 

With secure land many of the indigenous people can begin to sustainably grow crops to feed their families in harmony with, and without the destruction of, the Amazon forest. The indigenous communities have generations’ worth of knowledge of the forest and how it can be managed sustainably whilst still providing food under the tree canopy, via Agroecology. Fast growing crops such as beans and cassava provide for immediate needs. Native fruits and palm plants such as acai, banana and cocoa are highly prized and protect the soil and water sources whilst slow growing and valuable plants such as Brazil nut trees are planted and work to reinstate healthy natural processes in the forest.

The work being done on the ground in the Amazon is extremely important. Many of these safe and protected communities continue the fight against land clearance on behalf of all of us. Supporting CAFOD, no matter what faith you are, can help to continue that fight.



Image: In Marabas, in Brazil showing a community member ‘Senior Raimondo’ with his crop of Pepper Corns and a Brazil nut tree which is being protected by the Porto Seguro settlement (Porto Seguro means safe port or harbour)