The Smell of Happiness


CPL are pleased to announce that CPL Aromas Colombia will be hosting the official inauguration event on 25th July 2019. As part of the launch activities and campaign leading up to the big event, CPL invited various journalists and influencers to the new operations centre for LATAM.


Last week CPL Colombia was joined by 18 guests, mostly beauty & fashion influencers, who got to experience what it is like to work in a fragrance house.


The day was divided into 4 different parts:


1 – A guided tour of the production area.


2 - A presentation given by the creative manager Esneda Vela about “The Smell of Happiness”. Different fragrance notes were associated with different 'happy moments' such as: practicing sports, spending time with family & friends, working on your passion, a romantic date with your partner, and attending a party. 


3 - A tour of the laboratories. The 'happy events' mentioned above were interpreted both olfactory and visually in the evaluation booths.


4 – And finally, the guests got to create their very own fragrances in the applications laboratory. They had the opportunity to mix varying quantities of top, heart and base notes to create their unique and personal "Smell of Happiness".


It was a great day, and everyone was very happy to be able to experience the unique world of fragrances.


Massmedia day CPLAROMAS 14


Massmedia day CPLAROMAS 19


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